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Sudhir Vishwanath Gadre (Coordinator of website "http://swaramandakini.com" devoted to Bhendibazaar Gharana) 

I am a mechanical and electrical engineer by profession. My mother being a musician, I have inherited love for music. My mother did give me preliminary lessons in music, but I learnt music more by listening to her Riyaz. 

When I was working in Jamshedpur, I got an excellent opportunity to learn music under Masterji Anant Chandra Choudhary, Principal of Sangeet Samaj, TELCO Colony. I could complete "Sangeet Prabhakar" of Prayag Sangeet Samiti, during my stay of two and a half years at Jamshedpur. I am indebted to Masterji for all the guidance and encouragement given by him and providing an ambiance where one could develop all one's potential in music.
  During my service with TATA Motors, I could hardly devote any time for learning music. My habit of collection of music, however, continued. It was during the last one year that I seriously surfed the Internet looking for information and quality music. I was surprised to get only few references of BhendiBazaar Gharana on the Internet and total absence of structured information about the Gharana. At that point, I decided to collect information, old recordings, bandishes and present the same on Internet so that it is freely available to anyone interested in it and to dedicate the web site in my mother's name. 

The idea, with the guidance and support of many experts in the field and well-wishers, is getting fructified today ( 1st May, 2009) and I am deeply indebted to all of them who helped me in bringing this concept into reality.

Sudhir Gadre
Late Masterji Anant Chandra Choudhary
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