Audios of Maestros and Senior Disciples

We have received from disciples and music lovers some excerpts of the recordings of Maestros and Senior Disciples. The list of recordings is given below:

Ustad Aman Ali KhanHansdhwani13m
Pt. Shivkumar ShuklaDurga12 mins
Pt. Shivkumar ShuklaMotaki11 mins
Master NavrangAbhogi5 mins
Pt. Ramesh NadkarniJhinjhoti13 mins
Pt. T D JanorikarBhoopaltodi17 mins
Mandakini GadrePoorabi18 mins
Dr.Suhasini KoratkarKalavati12m.

Notes: The recordings are very old and must have been recorded initially on spool type recorders or cassette players. The quality of recordings has been improved to the extent possible. However, there are limitations to improvement and, as such; we request listeners to appreciate content of the recordings and bear with us as far as quality of reproduction is concerned.