Biodata of 5th Generation Disciples

Prof. Dwarkanath Bhonsle

Prof. Dwarkanath Bhonsle is a senior disciple of Pt ShivKumar Shukla and has taken training from him for quite a long period. He served as a Professor of Music at the M S University Baroda . An accomplished performer he has also composed Bandishes of Classical music. Prof. Dwarkanath is a member of Sangeet Natak Academy, Gujarat and also the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. He is a graded artist of All India Radio.

Kedar Bodas

Kedar Bodas Born in a family of musicians, Kedar Bodas received his initial training from his grandfather Pt. Laxmanrao Bodas and father Narayanrao Bodas Afterwards he took training from the renowned musicologist & musician Late Dr. Ashok Da. Ranade. As he was very much impressed by the Bhendi Bazaar Gharana Gayaki, , he became Pt. T.D. Janorikar’s disciple and learnt this style very sincerely and devotedly. Kedar Bodas has given many successful performances all over the country.

Narendra Kumar Byawat

Narendra Kumar Byawat is an artist of Bhendi Bazar Shishya Parampara from Udaipur, Rajstan. His father and Guru Late Pt. Jagannath Prasad was a disciple of Master Navrang, the well known exponent of Bhendi Bazar Gharana and disciple of Ustad Aman Ali Khan. Learning from his father from childhood Narendrakumar has imbibed all nuances of Gayaki of the Gharana. He has given successful performances at various places.

Late Pandit Dayanand Dev Gandharva

Pandit Dayanand Dev Gandharva was the youngest son of Pandit Gopalji Dev Gandharva, Court Musician of Udaipur, Rajastan. He loved music since childhood. He became disciple of Pandit Shivkumar Shukla and continued to take training from him for many years. Later he toured the whole country and consolidated his style through rigorous Riyaaz. He performed at many concerts in India and has introduced 2 melodious Ragas, Garudawani and MeenakshiTodi. However, he had to face some tragedies in his personal life which stunted his growth and marred his career. For some time he was associated with the renowned duo of Hindi Film Music, Kalyanji Anandji. However he was very much attached sentimentally to his mentor Pandit Shivkumar Shukla and continued to be immersed in Naad-Yoga till his sad demise on 1st January, 2002.

Faiyyaz Hussain Khan

Faiyyaz Hussain Khan, a renowned violin player was born in a Musicians’ family. He has a heritage of six generations of music maestros who contributed to Jhajjar Gharana of Sarangi. His father, Ustad Mohammad Hussain Khan, an outstanding Sarangi player of his time, was a disciple of Ustad Aman Ali Khan. Young Faiyyaz Hussain Khan also had opportunity to take some lessons from Ustaad Aman Ali Khan. Later Ustad Faiyyaz Hussain Khan mastered the art of playing violin and worked at Jaipur and Pune radio stations and accompanied great artists. His contribution to classical music has been acknowledged widely and he received ‘Surmani’ award in 1973 and ‘Maharashta Gaurav’ Puraskar in 2007. Ustad Faiyyaz Hussain Khan has been guiding many students of music and continues to teach at Arun Music class, founded by his father at Pune in 1940.

Kishori Janorikar

Kishori Janorikar has received training from her Father-in –law Pt T D Janorikar for many years. Her initial training was under Pt Gangadharbuwa Pimpalkhare from the Gwalior tradition. She has a Masters in Music from SNDT University Mumbai , and has received the Gaan-Hira Award for being a top ranker. Presently she is being trained by Dr Suhasini Koratkar, the senior most artist of the Gharana . She sings Marathi Light music with equal proficiency and is a graded artist of All India Radio.

Late Sadhanatai Joshi

Late Sadhanatai Joshi had her initial training in music from Pt. Gajananbuwa Pendharkar from Satara. She was among the seniormost disciples of Pt. T D Janorikar. She took taleem of BhendiBazaar Gayaki from Panditji for nearly 15 years. Sadhanatai completed doctorate degree in music 'Sangeetacharya' from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahamandal, Vashi in 1993. She settled in Satara after marriage. She used to sing All India Radio, Pune. She concentrated on teaching classical Music and the Gharana Gayaki to students for nearly 35 years and continued the same with zeal and passion up to the age of 75 years. Dr. Mrs. Sangeeta Kolhapure, Mrs. Shubha (Pradnya) Latkar and Smt. Indira Alatkar are few of her prominent disciples.

Shubha Joshi

Shubha Joshi is a well known vocalist of Bhendi Bazar Gharana. She is one of the senior performers in the tradition. Shubha has imbibed all the nuances of the Gayaki during her extensive training under maestros like Pt Pandurang Amberkar ,Pt Ramesh Nadkarni and Master Navrang. She is equally adept at singing semi classical forms like Thumri, Dadra and Gazal. She received training for the same from veterans like Shobha Gurtu, Kaumudi Munshi, Ninu Mazumdar and Ustad Taj Ahmed khan. Shubha is the recipient of the Maharashtra State government award and also the Maharashtra Times award for best playback singer in 2011.

Sharad Karmarkar

Sharad Karmarkar is a senior disciple of Pt T D Janorikar. With a more than 25 years’ career in the music field, he has contributed greatly in the propagation of the Bhendi Bazar Gharana. He has performed at many places in the country. Besides his concerts, he is also giving due attention to imparting training of his Gharana to the young artists.
He is a graded artist of All India Radio and a talented composer. His major composing work is the “Bhagwat Gita”. He has also composed music for Marathi Ghazals, which has been appreciated widely.

Mrs. Sangeeta Kolhapure

Mrs. sangeeta Kolhapure had the privilege of learning BhendiBazaar Gayaki from Late Pt. Shivkumar Shukla, Smt. Sadhanatai Joshi and Pt. T D Janorikar. After attaining B. Mus. Degree M S University, Vadodara and M A with Music from S N D T University, Mumbai, she completed Doctorate in Music, Sangeetacharya from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahamandal, Vashi in 1993. She is a regular singer from All India radio, Satara- Sangli. She has also presented shows on Doordarshan, broadcast from Mumbai. She has received many honours from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahamandal, Sanskar Bharati and many other institutions. She has been teaching Classical Music to students in Satara for the past 25 years.

Dr Suhasini Koratkar

Dr. Suhasini Koratkar was the seniormost disciple of Late Pt T D Janorikar. She was an accomplished vocalist and an authority on the Bhendi Bazar Gharana Gayaki. An ‘A’ grade artist of A.I.R., she had performed and recorded extensively. She had also conducted numerous lecture demonstrations to familiarize students and lay listeners with the rich tradition of the Bhendi Bazar Gharana. Continuing the tradition of her gharana, she composed many Bandishes with the psyuedonym “Niguni”. Suhasini had a PhD in Music and was also the recipient of several awards. She was equally adept at singing Thumri , Dadra which she learnt from Smt Naina Devi .Her relentless efforts for the last 30 years to propagate the Bhendi Bazar singing style, which was nearing extinction, have borne fruit with this style being established again on the concert stage. Dr. Suhasini Koratkar breathed her last on 7th November, 2017, few days before publication of the book “BhendiBazaar Gharaneke Mahan Vaggeyyakar Ustad Aman Ali Khansahebki AMAR BANDISHE”; a dream she had cherished for long. The book, accompanied by an audio C D, contains lyrics and audios of 129 Bandishes composed by Ustad Aman Ali Khansaheb.

Anuradha Kuber

Anuradha Kuber is a well known vocalist of the young generation. She was trained under Pt T D Janorikar for 15 years. Anuradha has a Master’s degree in music. She has performed widely all over India and abroad. She is the recipient of many awards and scholarships. A graded artiste of all India radio, Anuradha has to her credit many commercial CDs of her music. Currently she’s receiving training from the renowned Harmonium maestro and musicologist Dr Arawind Thatte

Rajashree Mahajani

Rajashree Mahajani has done her M.A. in Music from SNDT University. She was a top ranker and was awarded the Ganhira award. Rajashree received training from Govindrao Modak (Mumbai- a disciple of Master Navrang); Veena Sahasrabuddhe , Sucheta Chaphekar and Shriram Sathe. She is a versatile singer and performs classical, semi classical and Marathi Light music with equal ease. An approved artist of All India Radio, Rajashree has also won many music competitions and participated in some shows on Doordarshan.

Anuradha Marathe

Well known as a Marathi Light Music performer, Anuradha has a very firm grounding in Classical music . She received training during her formative years from Pt Ramchandra Naik and later on was trained by Pt T D Janorikar from whom she learnt the nuances of Bhendi Bazar Gharana. Famous Light music singer and composer Pt. Gajananrao Watve was her mentor for Marathi Bhavgeet. A recipient of many awards, Anuradha has several CDs to her credit.

Shailesh Mavinkurve

Shailesh Mavinkurve has taken training of the Bhendi Bazar Gharana Gayaki from Pt. Ramesh Nadkarni. He is currently receiving training from Pt. Yashwantbuwa Joshi. A Bachelor of Physics, Shailesh has a Diploma from NIIT. He is Sangeet Alankar from the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. He has performed in various Music Sammelans like Apna Utsav and participated in many Television shows.

Minaxi Mukharjee

Minaxi Mukharjee enthralled the world at the age of 4 as an Odissi dance prodigy. She received accolades for her proficiency in Dance from the President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to name a few. She is M. Sc. In Chemistry and has an uncanny flair for Painting. After achieving a Sangeet Visharad and having the privilege of learning from Pt. Laxman K Pandit (Gwalior Gharaana) and Pt. Ramesh Nadkarni (Bhendi Bazar Gharaana), she has emerged as an eminent vocalist. Her rendition of Tappa is outstanding. Currently she trains under Pt Babanrao Haldankar. She has participated in various music conferences in India and is frequently invited to perform in programmes abroad. An ‘A’ Grade artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan, she is the recipient of several honours from various cultural organizations and has to her credit numerous cassettes and CDs. She was recently felicitated by the Government of Orissa.

Sangeeta Pandharpurkar

Sangeeta Pandharpurkar’s career in music commenced after she secured a Master’s Degree in Music with Gold Medal from Maharaja Sayajirao Music College of Vadodara in the Year 1960. She mastered the style of Bhendi Bazaar Gharana under the guidance of Pandit Shivkumar Shukla. She had been performing on All India Radio both as a Classical Music and Light Music artist since 1960. She worked as a professor of Music at Jodhpur Girls’ College. At Pune, she also received professional training for a short period from a stalwart of Kirana Gharana- Gaanhira Smt. Hirabai Badodekar. Sangeeta Pandharpurkar had successfully blended Smt. Hirabai’s style without losing the originality of Bhendi Bazaar Style. She has to her credit many classical vocal khyal performances in private as well as public concerts. She has trained many disciples in vocal classical and light music. She was not keeping good health in her advancing years. She passed away on 9th February, 2018.

Prof. (Dr.) Pandit Ishwarchandra

Ishwarchandra Pandit received initial training in music from his parents.He,then, received advanced training in Bhendi Bazaar Gharana Gayaki as a Gandabandh shagird of Pandit SHIVKUMAR SHUKLA. Later he became Dean & Head, Dept. of Indian Classical Music (VOCAL-TABLA), Faculty of Performing Arts, THE M.S. UNIVERSITY OF BARODA. He received many awards including GAURAV PURASKAR from GUJARAT SANGEET NATAK ACADEMY, in 2009-'10. He has travelled extensively outside the country for conducting Lecture- Demonstrations and giving performances.In 2015, he was recommended for a prestigious appointment as “Member of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council” (NAAC), a Central Government Organization established for assessment and accreditation of Higher Education Institutions.

Shrikant Pargaokar

Mr. Shrikant Pargaonkar first learned music from his father Shri Eknath Pargaonkar. He received advanced training in Classical Music from Pt. T.D. Janorikar. Later he concentrated on Semi-classical and Light Music. He received the prestigious award of ‘The Best Play-back Singer’ twice from the Government of Maharashtra. He has also been awarded the’ Manik Verma Puraskar’ as a versatile singer. He has performed more than 500 shows of his Programme ‘Phir Wohi Sham’ devoted to songs sung by Late Talat Mahmoodji at many places in India and abroad. He has also released a few music albums featuring classical and light music.

Shaila Piplapure

Shaila Piplapure was initiated into classical music in her childhood. She received the M. Mus. degree with a gold medal from Khairagarh University. She continued advanced training in music from a well-known musician and musicologist Pt. Ramesh Nadkarni. She has established herself as a vocalist with distinctive style of her own. She is equally adept at singing light classical music. She also received training in Tappa gayaki from Pt. Jal K. Balaporia. She has given her solo public performances at many places in India and abroad.

Vasanti Sathe

Vasanti Sathe commenced learning music at a young age of 7 years. She completed diploma in music first and finished formal training in Music with a Gold Medal at M. Mus. Examination at the Faculty of performing Arts at MS University, Vadodara under the guidance of Pt. Shivkumar Shukla. She received advanced training in Bhendi Bazaar Gharana gayaki from Pt. Shivkumar shukla. She enriched her style under the guidance of Pta. Meerabai Badkar a stalwart of Agra gharana and Pt. V.R. Athavale, a renowned musician and musicologist. Vasanti Sathe amalgamated the styles of Bhendi Bazaar Gharana and Agra Gharana and developed a style of her own. She had been performing on AIR for more than 40 years and had presented programmes in many reputed concerts all over India, including NCPA and Sawai Gandharav Mahotsav. Her contribution to classical music has been widely acknowledged. She has received ‘Soormani’ and many other awards. However, she succumbed to brief illness on 12th November, 2018.

Ms Kiran Shivkumar Shukla

Ms Kiran Shivkumar Shukla is daughter of Pandit Shivkumar Shukla, the legendary disciple of Ustad Aman Ali Khan of Bhendi Bazaar Gharana. She stood First at M. Mus. Exam. and was awarded Pandit Omkarnath Thakur Gold Medal. She also won All India Radio competitions in Classical and Light Music. Ms Kiran and her sister Prasanna, well known as Shukla sisters, have performed in many Concerts in India and Foreign countries.