Nuances of Bhendi Bazaar Gharana Gayaki

Nuances of Gayaki include the following prominent characteristics :

  • Akar sung in open voice,
  • Improvisation of the raga (alap, taan and sargam) based on Khandmer principle, i.e. various combinations of a given set of notes to bring out beauty and melody of the Raga,
  • Presentation in Madhya laya (medium tempo), and madhyadrut laya (medium fast tempo),
  • Melodious smooth meends with breath control,
  • Forceful Gamak taans, sapat taans and satta taans,
  • Presentation of Bandishes having delightful mixture of shabda, soor and laya (lyrics, notes and tempo),
  • Dance oriented structure of singing of sargams (singing complex combinations of solfa syllables in harmony with their designated pitches),
  • Individualistic and beautiful rhythmplay,
  • Inclusion of some melodious ragas of Karnatak Music, such as Hamsdhwani, Nagaswarawali, Pratapwarali.